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David M Moore is the founder and owner of Southside Rides Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His mission is to help troubled youth who are incarcerated in prison by providing them with valuable working skills and education.

Through his organization, David works closely with young people who are facing challenges such as poverty, lack of education, and limited job opportunities. He helps them to develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce, including training in automotive repair and music production. By teaching these skills, David is helping to open up new opportunities for these young people and giving them a chance to turn their lives around.

David’s work is particularly important in the context of the criminal justice system in the United States, which has been criticized for its harsh treatment of young offenders. By providing education and training, David is helping to break the cycle of recidivism and giving young people a chance to build a better future for themselves.

In addition to the work that he does through Southside Rides Foundation, David is also an active member of the community in Winston-Salem. He is a respected leader and role model in the city and is known for his dedication to helping young people succeed.

Overall, David M Moore’s work with Southside Rides Foundation is making a real difference in the lives of young people in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His dedication to helping troubled youth find new opportunities and build better lives for themselves is truly inspiring.

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